BLN95 Octane Booster/Non-Metallic Anti-knock Additive
BLN95 Octane Booster/Non-metallic Anti-knock Addtive, the N-methylaniline based compound, has a significant effect on improving gasoline octane number (Ron & Mon number) due to its chemical structure and special Ron Number greater than 300.
As an ashless organic Octane Booster/Non-metallic Anti-knock Additive, BLN95 has the same combustion temperature and conditions as gasoline itself. Compared with other oxygenates and metal additives, BLN95 additive is more conducive to the effective combustion of gasoline and has significant advantages in reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.
BLN95 Octane Booster/Non-metallic Anti-knock Additive can be blended with various base oils directly, including Condensate, Naphtha, etc., providing the convenience and higher productivity in the production activity. Meanwhile, it’s excellent compatibility allow the combine use with other additives to achieve the desired performance.
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