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Our priority is to business our credibility
Making a long-term plan in a vision of future, Jiangsu King Road New Materials Co., Ltd., acquired the former Changzhou Baolong Chemical industrial Co., Ltd. and became its sole and complete owner. On the basis of taking over the whole management, technology and production team of the former Changzhou Baolong Chemical Co., Ltd, it furtherly recruited talents and professionals, laid a foundation for stable development in the future.

Prestigious manufactures
With the annual capacity of 120,000 tons production facility, King Road become one of the prestigious manufactures of N-Methylaniline in the word.  With more than ten years of successful experience in directly /indirectly serving global refineries /traders /oil-service companies, we have been recognized as a trustworthy supplier;
Benefit from the company's strict quality management /control system, we are also the preferred supplier of N-methylaniline in pesticide /pharmaceutical and other intermediate fine chemical users.
The production capacity of this product will be further expanded through comprehensive technical revolution and upgrade to meet the growing demand from current and emerging markets.

Projects under construction
The company's new project of 10000 t/a food additive malic acid, fumaric acid and 5000 t/a polymer succinic acid has been approved by the authorities. Project construction is expected to be fully started in 2023.
Company environment
Laboratory, production, storage and transportation